Our offerings during COVID-19 Lockdown

As the COVID-19 (novel or new coronavirus) count continues to climb, it’s anything but business as usual. Companies throughout South Africa are stepping up to their responsibility to protect their people ahead of profits. However, business need not come to a screeching halt. “Now is the time to act,” Urges W.H.O Director-General Those are the words of Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organisation, in an address to global leadership. We here at Praxis Computing have wasted no time heeding his call. We Care About Your Human Assets Above All Others

Our team’s been swift to roll-out a pandemic protocol:

In the first week we have enabled over a 1000 users at clients to work remotely. Conventional DRP plans have gone out the window with the Lockdown. A contingency plan to enable safe remote working is essential. If your company is not yet equipped to work remotely, please contact us to arrange a custom plan. We will set to work immediately sourcing hardware and, where necessary, connectivity solutions.

The remote working that we have undertaken introduces new security implications. Chat to us about it

Psychologically and physically backup and restoration of services have changed given the lockdown

We request that our clients  let us know if you foresee any additional hardware or infrastructure requirements due to sporadic supply chain movements in this period.

We caution users to please exercise hyper-vigilance as cybercriminals are quick to capitalise on an event like these.

Work different work better

What are the new work habits? What are some of the better aspects of this new work paradigm?

Phishing will be at an all-time high.

  • Don’t click on links—or fill in sensitive information—unless you are 100% sure the source is safe.
  • Chat with us about reading material to refresh your employees’ cyber-security awareness.
  • Air-tight containment: We understand that you may want to allow remote workers to use their personal devices. Don’t do it. Chat with us about alternative solutions.
  • Not a drill: Don’t wait until crunch time. Ask your personnel to test their home links and accessibility to business data immediately.

Technology Resources Services Offerings:

  • Microsoft Teams Free 6 months Subscription
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Zoom (More than 40-minute cap on their video conference)
  • End point Antivirus Protection with firewall capabilities 

Some Things You May Be Unaware Of

  • All of the setup can be done remotely. So, it can be managed during this (or future) quarantine periods
  • You may already be licensed for some of the technology and so that investment could be less than you expect
  • At some of our client’s staff are more productive now than before the lockdown. Ask us how and why
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