Remote Work Preparedness Checklist

Setup your workspace Find a space in your home where you can concentrate. If you’re somewhere with background distractions, use background blur in Microsoft Teams to keep teammates focused. Communicate more Often Your rhythm with online work from home might look different than it does in the office. For example, you may be balancing work […]

Best Printers in 2020

Because no one wants to have to go to the office, or to JetLine every time you need to print something out, we’ve compiled this list of the best printers that are actually worth the money. All the printers on our list are capable of at least 7 pages per minute, can be configured to print on […]


Our offerings during COVID-19 Lockdown As the COVID-19 (novel or new coronavirus) count continues to climb, it’s anything but business as usual. Companies throughout South Africa are stepping up to their responsibility to protect their people ahead of profits. However, business need not come to a screeching halt. “Now is the time to act,” Urges W.H.O Director-General Those […]

Protection from Cyber Attacks during COVID-19: Tips for Work from Home Staff

Home Staff Cyber security is constantly compromised, with a large number of organizations adopting the work-from-home policy in response to the dangerous COVID-19 pandemic. The criminals out there are exploiting coronavirus to target the well-established entrepreneurs as well as the small start-up owners. If you do wish to protect yourself, please go through the rest of the discussion right […]

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