Business Services

Business Services

Bespoke software solutions

Web and mobile systems using Microsoft and open source software.

Management of current software solutions and systems

We can run your networks and maintain your existing business systems.

Information Technology management consulting

Let us design your networks and develop IT strategies for you.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence with data warehouses, dashboards, machine learning and modelling.

Big Data Setup and Management

Using Google, AWS, Azure and on site.

SCM systems

We supply and support SCM=Web – the leading PFMA and MFMA-aligned SCM system.

SETA Solutions

Skills-Web is a full featured SETA management system covering levies, grants and ETQA.

Funder Systems

GMS-Web is a comprehensive grant management system for grant-makers and corporate CSI projects.

Taking care of your IT needs

Praxis provides a wide range of business intelligence (BI) and data warehouse services, software and solutions. We primarily work with the Pentaho Business Analytics platform to deliver BI solutions. We also deliver solutions using Microsoft products, particularly Excel and PowerPivot.

Our solutions are all database technology-agnostic: we can deliver solutions using both open-source and proprietary DBMS, and relational and columnar or analytic databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Infobright).
For both database and BI platforms, we offer solutions using Enterprise or community solutions. (Enterprise solutions attract an annual subscription with guaranteed support whilst community editions provide fewer features, have no subscription fee and usually require more support from us and your staff.)

We employ dedicated data scientists. These specialist staff members can work effectively with data at scale, and can help you ask the right questions and consume the results of analyses of (big) data effectively.
Our base solutions incorporate socio-economic data covering South Africa. When you get a BI solution from Praxis, you get a data warehouse preloaded with this data. Thus you can immediately overlay your information with South African socio-economic data on maps, charts and spreadsheets, which is useful for both companies and government.

Pentaho provides a full spectrum of open-source BI capabilities, including reporting, analyses, dashboards, data mining and data integration. Praxis is the oldest Pentaho reseller in Africa and we provide consultancy, data warehouse development, staffing and training solutions for Pentaho Enterprise Edition software, and first-level support for Pentaho Enterprise Edition subscriptions throughout Africa.

Pentaho open-source solutions and technologies

Integrated financial management system for the National Treasury

Praxis business intelligence and open-source solutions

Unlock the digital world and begin your organization’s transformation

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