Submitting data to the NQA (release Level 3)

This release of Edu.Dex allows an accredited Namibian Training Provider to validate a file based data submission, which is in the NQFIMS format, prior to submitting the data to the NQA.

The following should be noted:

The NQA will only accept data that conforms to the NQFIMS file specification.
The Edu.Dex data validation utility will ensure that your data submission complies to the technical specifications for the NQA. The NQA however retains the right to reject any data submission even if the data submission has passed the Edu.Dex validation.
The Edu.Dex data validation utility validates your data against lookup codes (for example gender codes, disabilitycodes etc), qualification codes and unit standard codes as stored in the NQFIMS database. Lookup codes, qualification codes and unit standard codes are dynamic data features of the NQFIMSdatabase, the Edu.Dex data validation utility must therefore be updated on a regular basis to ensure that your data is validated against the most current data values.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the Training Provider to update the Edu.Dex lookup codes prior to testing a data submission.

Please refer to the FAQ below for info regarding submitting data to the NQA (release Level 3) FAQ


Login: NQA
Password: NQA

If you downloaded your version of the Edu.Dex data validation utility from the Edu.Dex download site then please contact the Edu.Dex support team at if you did not receive an e-mail indicating what the login and password for Edu.Dex is. 

The Edu.Dex data validation utility allows you to change the Edu.Dex login and password in the Administration menu of the application. 

You will need to reinstall and reactivate if you have changed your Edu.Dex login and password and can no longer login.

Edu.Dex expects to find your data submission in a specific location with a specific naming convention. Please confirm the following if Edu.Dex is unable to find your data submission:

1.  The data submission files are in the location that you are pointing Edu.Dex to. Make sure that you are pointing to the right location and that the files are saved in this location.
2.  The data submission date is the same as the date that you are selecting in Edu.Dex (see item 3 for the date format).
3.  The data submission files have the right naming convention. Make sure that your data submission files have been named correctly. Edu.Dex is expecting the following:

File name: Pffddmmyyyy.dat
Where P  represents your provider code (eg. NQA-1).
Where  ff  represents the number of the file (eg. 01 for Person information)
Where  dd indicates the day of the submission (eg. 01 for the 1st day of the month)
Where  mm  represents the month of the submission (eg. 07 for July)
Where  yy represents the year of the submission (eg. 2019)
Where .dat   is the required extension of the file.

You would have received an e-mail from the Edu.Dex support team that specifies your provider code. Please contact the Edu.Dex support team at if you need us to provide you with this information again.

For more information in regard to submitting data to the NQA please contact the Manager: ICT at
For technical assistance in regard to the utilization of the Edu.Dex data validation utility for the NQA please contact contact the Edu.Dex helpdesk at:  Tel. +27 11 484 0900

Instructions on how to updates the Edu.Dex lookup codes, qualification identifiers and unit standard identifiers can be downloaded in .PDF format by clicking on the link below.

How to update Edu.Dex for NQA instructions

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